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Supernatural messages from the gods; visions of ghosts and spirits; being possessed by demons. These are the things folklore and superstition are made of, and we expect to find such stories in books of mythology and anthropology, or the ranting of religious fanatics. However, this is also the material of many a psychotherapy session, at least for those therapists willing to listen. Are these experiences the result of intrapsychic dynamics attributed to an outer force, or are they truly experiences of something from outside the soul? For most it does come down to a matter of faith: either you believe in an external spiritual reality or you do not. But this luxury is not afforded the psychotherapist or the spiritual director. They must assist individuals to come to understand the meaning of these experiences for their lives. To do this each must set aside their own preconceptions and biases and listen to the patient or directee, not assuming that a vision is necessarily from God or the spiritual realm, as well as jettisoning any skepticism regarding the fact that there may be another dimension to interpersonal reality, and that those beings that populate that dimension may interact and affect how the patient thinks, feels, and acts. Once done the therapist or director then may assist to distinguish false from valid visions or encounters and true from false possessions. It is this distinction and how to approach such revelations and possessions that are addressed in this book.

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